Dealing with Demons

For me, encountering demons came way before ever encountering angels. Which I am sure is the case for many others due to our typical 3D mind we can resonate with their frequency easier than that of an angel. Growing up I was convinced my house was haunted, to the point even my closest friends didn’t want to come over anymore. Nothing too crazy happened until 9th grade when I first got sick. I was so sick I could barely stay awake in school and would leave early practically every day. When I went home I could easily sleep for over 14 hours and still wake up feeling exhausted on top of my extreme exhaustion I would run a fever of over 100 and lay in bed with the chills. Sometimes though I would have terrible insomnia and not be able to fall asleep till 3 in the morning. Weak and vulnerable , I was left in a perfect state to encounter dark forces.

Several nights that I was dealing with insomnia I started seeing a dark shadow figure watching me in the corner of my room by my desk. Every night this entity would be in the same spot and I could clearly make out their head and shoulders. I felt that I was being watched and definitely not by anything good. My parents told me it was just my eyes playing tricks on me and didn’t really care for it to much. This obviously made my insomnia even worse because I was terrified to fall asleep whenever I encountered this being. Then, one night I was dreaming of eating dinner with my bf at the time at a restaurant that had huge glass windows that over looked a forest and it was a sunny day. All of a sudden clouds came in and it started thundering and raining and I began to hear the noise of a sewing machine going at a constant fast rate. Then there was a huge flash of lightning and I woke up immediately into my room, my eyes were open and it was actually storming outside. I quickly realized I couldn’t scream or move or even close my eyes and above me was the shadow figure with red piercing eyes staring into my soul and hovering above me. This went on for probably 10 minutes and then I finally woke all the way up and went running into my parents room crying.

This was probably my worst experience with negative entities, but since then I have learned signs of any negative entity being around. At first I didn’t know the best way to get rid of them but to try to change my thoughts to positive but they still seemed to come back again and again and sometimes their negative energy would be so strong it would push myself into feelings of self-hate and self-pity. So today I will share with you what I have learned.

Signs of negative entities

  1. If you hear an off sound and begin to feel scared and you start to hear more off sounds. Angels and positive spirits can create sounds in your house as well but it will usually be synchronized with when you have positive thoughts or feelings and if the sound scared you they will stop. If the sounds continue regardless of you being scared , most likely something is trying to mess with you.
  2. You experience negative feelings and emotions that are making you depressed and upset such as fears of your boyfriend cheating on you or that you’re not good enough. Horror movies have created this false reality that demons actually want to hurt you physically, but that is only a small percent of extreme cases. Demons want to feed off your energy and the only way they can feed of your energy if yours is vibrating at their level. Anytime you are experiencing negative feelings you automatically put yourself on their level. They also like to bring people who are happy and positive down to their level because remember these entities are evil their not trying to uplift you. The like to trick you into doing the work for them by thinking poorly about yourself and others.

Best way to get rid of them

This is so simple I wish I wouldve known it a long time ago. Anytime you have even the slightest idea you might be under attack by dark forces just envision a portal of bright white light. Envision that light to be that of Gods and feel your connection to the source. Feel that you are infintley loved and protected.

Every time I have done this I have literally heard these dark beings screaming in agony of how much it burns them and they will instantly go away or whatever god does to them. After you have encountered any negative beings its always a good idea to do a little personal ritual to bless your space with white sage or frankencinse. This will help soldify your wanting of only a peaceful and blessed space filled with love.


I hope this helps anyone dealing with shadow bodys or negative feelings and thoughts and feel free to leave any comments on your own experiences and any tatics you use. ❤

Author: violettigerr

Empath and intuitive 🔮

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Demons”

  1. So many have these experiences. These attempts to subjugate our awakening are common. I had been fighting for my Free Will since a small child when I had goat feet walking up and down my back at 8 yrs old as I hid under my covers. When I stood up in anger and not of fear and threw back the covers….. is when I meet my first Angels. 8 yrs later as I walked down the wrong side of my power I was attached. It took another 10 years to release this grip and Own mySelf. I wrote much on this in my life. I am much wiser and have taken on the task of helping all who ask or come to me. Those who need help Standing in their Light of Free Will. Thank You and Love You for your Experiences.

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  2. Thanks for following my blog! I now write over a new site. This comment might reach into spams if I give a link here but you can find it using my WORDPRESS Identity.

    Your blog is beautiful and you express yourself well. I truly appreciate your intention of helping others selflessly. I would like to stay connected with friends like you because they’ve helped me the most in my journeys into the dark.

    I would like to say we all have unique unfolding of consciousness and therefore unique ways to express, interpret and share it as well. I know that sewing machine or typewriter like sound so well. I was hearing 0.1 Hz epsilon waves the other day for 3 hours and my neurons started firing. These frequencies take you to the sub-atomic levels–to the realm of elementals where subtlest elemental Karma resides waiting to be healed. Psychic surgery is apt term for it–but surrendering is almost impossible in face of such grim emotional darkness. Angelic sounds are like drums, whistle, thunder, clouds bursting, flute, violin, harp and bagpiper etc. LOGOS or WORD leads us to light if we keep hearing it. If you have not tried I would recommend listening to Sun, Stars, Space and Clouds in open air–it’s very helpful in accelerating our healing and awakening as you quickly download light and share it with all.

    Love and Light


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